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Single log-in and access levels

Your login information will enable you to access all the portals where you are registered. Once you login, simply choose the platforms you would like to enter. You will also have access to all necessary documents related to operation of the car.

You also have an option to create various permission levels for your Arval online account. This way you can create different roles in the organisation of your fleet management.

We have currently established the following roles:

  • FLEET MANAGER, who has permission to access all data
  • CONTACT PERSON FOR FINANCE, who has permission to access invoices
  • DRIVERS, access rights with respect to the use of the vehicle

Contact your account manager, to have these roles created for you on your Arval online account.


My Arval

My Arval is the access point for our customers and acts as a window to our most important reporting tools. It also provides you with an immediate access to a wide range of important information by the fleet manager or contact persons of the financial department according to their level of authorisation.

My Arval gives you access to everything you need, all through a single intuitive portal. A social network wall with the latest news from the automotive industry and access to all available portals. My Arval is your starting point for managing your fleet. Any questions? All it takes is just one click in My Arval to ask your account manager a question.

The My Arval Mobile mobile application is designed for your drivers, where they will find all the useful features associated with the operation and use of the vehicle.


Why use My Arval?

  • At a glance, you will have an overview of the situation of your fleet
  • Monitor your costs throughout the entire life cycle
  • Collect relevant information about all your contracts
  • Get a complete overview of CO2 emissions of your fleet.


More information about My Arval

My Fleet Status

My Fleet Status

My Fleet Status is a powerful and intuitive web application operating in real time to provide you with continuous online information. It helps you manage your fleet any time and to check your costs throughout the life cycle.

It is available any time on all devices no matter where you are.

You can set different permission levels for the fleet manager and also for the role of contact person for finance. This contact person can view only the financial information.

My Fleet Status is part of My Arval portal.


Why use My Fleet Status?

  • Keep track of your drivers and their behaviour
  • Collect relevant information about all your contracts
  • All invoices and other financial information will be available in one place
  • All price lists and lists of options are sorted by category
  • You can request documents, maintenance, rental cars and more
Arval Active Link

Arval Active Link

With the newly offered product, Arval Active Link, you can make your fleet management even more efficient. Automated and real-time data collected directly from individual vehicles will increase the fleet manager's ability to monitor and control the TCO (Total Cost of Operations) of the fleet.

Thanks to Arval Active Link, your fleet data is within reach, regardless of how the vehicle was purchased (operating leasing, direct purchase, ...). This major innovation is the answer to the needs of every growing company.

Through a unified, modular online environment and practical reports, Arval Active Link provides monitoring of fuel consumption, average CO₂ emissions, mileage, travel time, vehicle usage, driving style and much more.


Possible extensions:

  • ACTIVE JOURNEY - Creation of electronic logbook based on real GPS data - the car position is recorded every time the engine is started and stopped
  • ACTIVE ROUTING - Maps with the possibility to monitor the vehicle in real time - GPS position of the car in real time
  • ACTIVE SHARING - Tool for managing pool / shared vehicles - it is necessary to add RFID reader for driver identification

Why use Arval Active Link?

  • Optimising fuel costs
  • Better mileage monitoring
  • An option to quickly locate a vehicle
  • Monitoring statistics and drivers´ driving style
  • Distinguishing between drivers´ business and private journeys
  • Many other features


Arval Active Link

Arval Active Link
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My user name or password is incorrect. How will I be able to log in?

Arval has changed the registration process for online accounts so that they meet the latest standards in the legislation on the protection of privacy. Your password therefore needs to be changed. Your new user name will be your business email address.

Please change your password on the myarval.com website. Click "Send Password", then enter your business email address and click "Submit Request". You will receive a link to create your new password. Please note that the link is active for only 15 minutes.


Why can’t I just log in using my user account?

We no longer have one account for one client. All contact persons can obtain an individual account. Please contact your account manager who will create your personal account.


Where can I create a report and how to change it?

All reports are available through the “Fleet Overview”. When you first open the report, you will only see standard columns. You can add or delete columns by right clicking on the mouse. Save the format for your next visit by clicking on “disk”.


Can you send a digital invoice to my contact person for finance / to my financial department?

Yes, please contact your account manager to arrange it for you.

Do you need more information? Are you interested in the services?

Contact us!