Arval Smart Experience

Keep information about your fleet always handy

Arval Smart Experience utilizes modern online tools, thanks to which you can get the requested data about your fleet in only a few moments.


The Arval Smart Experience service provides simple, interactive and valuable information not only for fleet managers on the website, but also directly to drivers via smart mobile applications.


Within the framework of this service, we provide these basic tools free of charge to our customers:

Arval Connect

Well organized and clear online information about your fleet.

Using the Arval Connect tool, you can, for example, look in the calendar with data on the deliveries of vehicles (including full details) or go through useful documents related to your fleet. You can also read the latest news from the automotive world.


Arval Fleet View

Your entire fleet clearly and easy to monitor.

Easily accessible information concerning the costs of your fleet, fleet structure, over-limit and under-limit kilometers, CO2 emissions and other useful information in one place.


Arval Mobile+ (for drivers)

Have the most important things close at hand.

At your disposal is a mobile application that enables you to look at information about your contract or leased vehicles from wherever you are. In addition, only a click separates you from the option to easily contact your Arval Account Manager.


Arval Drive Challenge

This serious mobile game encourages your drivers to have positive driver's behavior. In connection with their driving abilities, they compete in three areas: acceleration, braking and speed. Fun teaching techniques and tips help them achieve better results. If the results are positive, the drivers gain points and move up in the ranking. And of course, they thus also contribute to your CSR policy.


Benefits for you:

1) Access to a variety of useful information simply displayed in one place

2) Optimized to work on your tablet or smartphone

3) The possibility of speedy contact with Arval, wherever you are

4) Smart applications motivating your drivers to drive safely and economically

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