Arval Active Link


Arval Active link is an advanced telematics solution to help you manage your vehicles.
Arval Active Link - telematické řešení

The Arval Active Link service is also available on smart phones. You will always have updated information at your disposal.

What the service includes


  • Electronic driver log book
  • Comparing deviations in rides from contracts
  • Europe-wide service coverage
  • Monitoring and evaluating driving styles
  • Calendar for predefined business and private trips
  • Creating reports on fuel consumption and CO2 emissions
  • Monitoring and evaluating taking on fuel depending on the journeys


Service provided in the form of customized packages:

  • ACTIVE JOURNEY - monitoring of destinations, log book, accurate identification of private/business trips
  • ACTIVE ROUTING - GPS position tracking of vehicles in real-time, active route planning
  • ACTIVE SHARING - used for carpooling, including the identification of drivers and their driving styles



  • Paying for the service as a monthly fee within the lease
  • Monitoring the use of official vehicles and the working hours of employees
  • Real cost savings on fuel, insurance and maintenance
  • Increasing driver safety
  • Europe-wide service coverage at no additional charge


  • Log book – no hand-written records
  • Access to the application from the Internet and smartphone
  • Ability to import electronic fuel statements from fuel cards provided by Arval
  • Absolutely no worries – unit already mounted before accepting the new vehicle
  • Option to easily hide private trips
  • Option to localize the vehicle in case of theft
Data Collection


Pre Equipment

In the event the vehicle has no paid services activated, we monitor and collect the following information in the sleep mode: Total journeys of the vehicle (not addresses or routes), suspected theft of the vehicle (vehicle movement without ignition), suspected traffic accident (in the event the sensors in the unit are severely overloaded). This data is stored anonymously for 2 years, without the possibility of access and identification by the Lessee or the Lessor.

The following services are a paid addition, where their activation requires the consent of the driver and then only through the website or by the driver's employer. Until then, the services remain inactive and the unit is in the Pre Equipment mode.


The data, purposes and retention periods are given below:






      Odometer mileage

Pro-active proposal of adjustment of the individual lease contract (duration and/or mileage)

Pro-active maintenance of the vehicle (alert about the next service and/or maintenance of the vehicle)

Detection of alteration of odometer mileage display

Fraud detection regarding the use of fuel cards


Contract duration + 1 year

The following pseudonymized* data:

Timestamps, mileage, type of road (urban, road, motorway), type of environment (day, night, twilight)

Duration of the turned on engine when the vehicle stops

Driving events per trip (harsh braking, cornering, brutal lane change, speed, energy waste in braking, hard acceleration, idling) and related calculated scores

Fuel consumption estimation per trip

Production of pseudonymized R&D (Research and Development) reports in relation to:

Consulting: Energy transition, benchmark, correlation between conditions of vehicle usage and TCO components / fuel consumption

Insurance: usage understanding, segmented offering

Maintenance: uptime management, operational processes enhancements

Marketing: usage understanding, segmented offering opportunities


2 years


Geolocation collected in real time (provided Arval has received a prior duly filed complaint for the theft)

Stolen vehicle recovery


GPS data collected until the theft claim is closed, then these data will be deleted 60 days after collection

* ‘Pseudonymisation’ means the processing of personal data in such a manner that the personal data can no longer be attributed to a specific data subject without the use of additional information, provided that such additional information is kept separately and is subject to technical and organisational measures to ensure that the personal data are not attributed to an identified or identifiable natural person.


Active Link

This service is designed to help improve road safety and save costs on operating the fleet. For this purpose, the time and length of each journey is recorded and this information can be used to optimize the lease agreements and to monitor compliance with the user conditions that can be specified for the vehicle. In addition, driver behavior is also reported for the purpose of monitoring road safety and fuel consumption and this information can be used in connection with the initiatives of your company to promote responsible driving. Average fuel consumption is also monitored by the combination of the time and length of your rides and by recording the purchase of fuel with the fuel card designated for that vehicle. If your vehicle is towed, you may be asked for confirmation, unless it is a case of theft. In such case the GPS coordinates of the position of your vehicle will be continuously recorded until the situation is resolved. Similarly the time, location of your vehicle and the circumstances will automatically be recorded as well. Through your personal account to the Arval Active Link application, you have uninterrupted access to all information and warnings related to your rides, including the option to designate any ride as private. Arval ensures that any ride marked as private will be reported only as part of the summary information about the daily ride and duration of trips (private trips are taken into account in the overall processing of driver behavior).


Active Journey

This service is designed to help optimize mobility within your company.  To this end, all destination addresses are recorded for every journey, thus making it possible to conduct a statistical analysis of business trips recorded in the history (stored for two years). The collected addresses can also be used to facilitate the creation of the driver log book and for processing performance indicators that may be needed for managing your company's processes, wherever necessary. Through your personal account to Arval Active Link, you can (i) check your journeys and destination addresses and mark any of them as private and so not accessible to your employer (ii) pre-register private addresses in the system to facilitate the automatic recognition of further private trips, and (iii) delete the destination addresses of your private trips whenever you wish. Arval ensures that your private addresses (preregistered and other ones) can only be seen through your personal user account. By activating the "Privacy Switch" in Arval Active Link (it can be provided also as a physical accessory directly in your vehicle) the destination addresses of your vehicle for this trip will not be shown before or during your private trip.


Active Routing

The Active Routing service continuously records the current GPS position and journey of your vehicle during the actual ride, which can be displayed to authorized users on a map directly in the Arval Active Link application. This map makes it easy to locate vehicles in the vicinity of places where they are needed: they are signaled along with their estimated time of arrival at the destination. The recorded GPS position of the vehicle is stored for a maximum of 3 days. By activating the "Privacy Switch" in Arval Active Link (it can be provided also as a physical accessory directly in your vehicle) the GPS position of your vehicle for this trip will not be shown before or during your private trip.