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Mid Term Rental : A turnkey solution to flexible vehicle needs

When you just need a vehicle quickly, immediately or not, for a short or longer period, with optimizing the cost of this uncertainty. Mid-Term Rental gives you immediate access to a flexible fleet management solution with competitive pricing. Pay for what you use, with peace-of-mind included for free.

Arval Mid Term Rental is a flexible, easy and transparent solution to quickly meet vehicle needs - from 1 to 24 months. Access a range of Arval vehicles (passenger cars or LCVs) and services to fill a short term business requirement.


Rent from 1 and 24 months, with duration and mileage adapted to your need (and the flexibility to change your mind during the contract). Includes "multi-drivers” contracts

Peace of mind

All Arval services included. Plus simple contracts, credit checks, and quick vehicle delivery and return.


Choose from a wide choice of vehicle categories (Cars and LCVs). The latest range of fully equipped vehicles, served by Arval expertise.

Arval fully understands that your business is dynamic. For your temporary workers, consultants, probationary employees, expats or for a short-term project, pilot projects or pre-delivery: we adapt to your environment that can change as your business is changing. Whenever you need a car or you change the duration and mileage, we are open and flexible to provide you a turnkey solution.

Mid Term Rental gives you agility to enjoy all benefits of full service leasing which meets your business targets, opportunities and requirements. Your Mid-Term Rental vehicle is delivered within 48 hours, or on a date of your choosing. 

Mid-Term Rental perfectly suits your budget and adapts to speed of your business.

Included services

value-added services

Need informations?
Challenge accepted. Contact us for a solution to your mid-term vehicle needs.

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