Why operational leasing?

Consider operational leasing from various points of view


Cost savings thanks to taking advantage of the purchasing terms of the leasing company

Rent is a fully deductible cost item

Guarantee of costs for several years ahead

Cars are not a part of the assets of the company and do not burden the balance sheet

Simple budgeting



Management contact for regular reporting, feedback, setting up cooperation

Driver contact for service, tire service, assistance, insured events and counseling

Transparent and structured settings of the Company Car Policy

All approval processes and monitoring of the delivery conditions on the part of the leasing company



One invoice run per month

Transparent cost management

A minimum of documents (one invoice for rent and fuel vs. individual invoices for every activity multiplied by the number of vehicles in the fleet – hundreds and thousands of invoices)


Operating conditions

A wide network of service stations and tire service centers – preferred admission and initiation of repairs

Help-line for drivers

Non-stop assistance service

Without administration

Without "emergency" at the customer – driver contacts the leasing company directly


Operativní leasing - fleet manažeři během schůzky