Arval Consulting

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Arval Consulting is an independent activity of the Arval Company focusing on procedural, economic and environmental optimization in fleet management.

We start from data and experience based on the operation of 15,000 vehicles in the Czech Republic and 900,000 vehicles in Europe and we offer practical and economical solutions.


We can help you in the following areas:

Company Car Policy

1) Analysis and counseling on setting the Car Policy + document image

2) Optimization of the settings of the Vehicle Selection List - vehicles by category

TCO analysis

1) Examination of the costs of the fleet +figure of TCO calculation

2) Recommendation of the optimal variant of fleet composition

- Economic factors

- Operational aspects

- HR impact

CO2 analysis and alternative fuels

1) Analysis of existing solutions

2) Proposal of environmentally considerate alternatives

3) Proposal of alternative fuels - CNG, LPG, hydrogen

- Economic aspects

- Operational aspects - refueling and parking

- Safety factors

- Legislative framework

4) Electromobility alternative

- Economic return

- Environmental impact

- Realistic serviceability


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