Alternative fuels

Consider using alternative fuels in your fleet

Arval operates over 600 vehicles with alternative fuels in the Czech Republic. Across Europe, it is thousands of cars. In the Czech Republic, compressed natural gas (CNG) dominates. Second place belongs to hybrids and the third to electric vehicles.


We are quite devoted to the topic, both economically and operationally, and we are happy to offer you  our know-how and experience. We are also active in educational activities and try to make the use of alternative fuels easier, even regarding the issues of parking and refilling of media.

We will gladly offer you not only the vehicles and their financing, but also a comprehensive service network, convenient access to powering media, and consultancy in the introduction of alternative fuels into real operation.



Benefits of alternative fuels:

Respect for the environment

Economical operation

PR and marketing usability



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