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Our services

Our Services

How to take advantage of this service?

Service inspection and maintenance:


Make an appointment at your chosen service center from our partner network and when visiting the service, present your Arval card in order that the service center can identify your vehicle. Then it suffices to fill out a customer sheet with a service employee and you don’t need to worry about anything after that. There is no need to call anywhere, nor is there anything to report. The service will arrange all the necessary approvals with our technical department.

The service network can be found HERE.

Immobile Vehicles - Fault / accident

In the case of immobile vehicles,  the 24 hour Arval Assistance service will take care of you at +420 221 586 680.

You can find more information about the Arval Assistance service HERE.



To order new tires or to have them changed, please make an appointment at a tire service. The procedure for identification of the vehicle and subsequent resolution of your request is the same as for "Service inspection and maintenance".


You will find a list of tire service centers HERE.


Replacement vehicle:

If you would like to be provided with a replacement vehicle for as long as yours is in the service center, book it together with the repair from the service representative. In the event that the service center cannot provide a replacement vehicle for the desired period, please contact our staff from the "Rentals" Department on the line +40 261 109 025. We will arrange a replacement vehicle from an external car rental agency. If a replacement vehicle is not included in the lease calculation, your request will be resolved individually with the contact person in your company.

* At our preferred service centers, the first day of the replacement vehicle is free!


You will find the network of preferred service centers HERE.



In case you are too busy, but your vehicle needs a service inspection or maintenance, you can order a pick-up of the vehicle from your company headquarters to the service center. Reserve this service together with the repair from the service center representative.

* At our preferred service centers, the pick-up is free!


Washing and cleaning:

If it is not included in the leasing calculation, this service is charged to the client.

* At our preferred service centers, the basic car bodywork wash and rug vacuuming and shake out is free!


Requirements beyond the standard:

Goods and services not included in the leasing calculations must be approved in advance by the contact person of your company, unless otherwise provided for by contract. These include: wet process washing, bodywork paint polishing, car wheel covers, tow bar, roof rack and others.

More information can be found HERE.

* Except in the case of small repairs such as: topping up fluids, replacing light bulbs, replacing wiper blades.


Operativní leasing a servis - klient při servisní prohlídce vozu