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My Arval Mobile - an interactive application that gives you quick and easy access to information about your car.

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Benefits of the application:

  • Direct contact with roadside assistance in case of an accident
  • Map of service partners
  • Parking meter – NEW
  • Authorization to use the vehicle
  • Information about important dates (inspection, end of the agreement)
  • Easy returning of a vehicle - NEW
  • and more



How does My Arval Mobile work


You can view a short video here on how My Arval Mobile works and what services it offers.



With MY ARVAL MOBILE application you always have information at hand


What is an easy way to get the data you need about your fleet? Where to get a clear look at your agreement, the kilometers driven, and other necessary information? In MY ARVAL MOBILE!

MY ARVAL MOBILE is an advanced online tool that gives you fast, very easy interactive access to the data you need about your fleet, which drivers will especially appreciate. And the application is meant specifically for them. It is available in two languages – Czech and English. Naturally it can work across the most common mobile platforms of iOS and Android.

Logging into the application only requires your email address and password, which provides adequate security for your data. Immediately after logging in, the home screen will offer you the choice of the most important information. In addition to the user’s car, the application can add another vehicle. Below the information about the vehicle is an overview of available services provided under the operating lease, e.g. information about the fuel card, list of insurance claims, maintenance, fines and other news. You will find more detailed content below.

The dashboard of the home screen has another very useful function for the driver – My Vehicle Documents. Here the driver can easily manage other necessary documents and save them electronically in the application. The last part of the dashboard consists of a map, and if the application is permitted access to information about your current location, then the nearest service branches are displayed on it. There is a menu in the upper right corner with all the information provided, the left has the settings for the user profile, including language settings and modifying personal data.


What does the MY ARVAL MOBILE application offer?

Below is a list of the individual categories offered by the main menu of this mobile application.



The basic information about the car is available in these categories:

  • Make and model of the vehicle,
  • Registration tag,
  • Date of registration of the car,
  • Fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.

Here the application also provides information about your agreement, the driver, and also the specific pricing of the equipment and accessories in the vehicle.

The Last Records section provides clear information about the number of kilometers driven, the date of last maintenance, the average rating based on statistics about the operation of the vehicle, and also the number of days until the vehicle needs to be returned. The time of return is also shown in a separate icon where the specific date of the return of the vehicle is shown.



Clicking this category will show an overview of the services available and other useful records.

This overview consists of the following items:

  • Fuel card,
  • Insurance claims,
  • Maintenance,
  • Fines,
  • News.

The Fuel Card tab collects information on purchases made at gas stations, which includes not only the purchases of fuel, but also service products, highway stickers, etc. Insurance Claims records the history and reports of claims, while Maintenance provides the records of all service calls, including a specific price statement, the work carried out and the name of the service branch where the vehicle was serviced. The Fines tab provides an overview of individual fines, stating not only their numbers but also the dates and nature of the offense.



The category includes practical features that make the use of the vehicle easier:



A parking meter in a phone or tablet? Even these features are part of the native application MY ARVAL MOBILE!

Here paying for parking works on the principle of a virtual parking meter, enabling cashless payment for parking on the street, in parking lots and garages, without having to look for the parking meter on the street, and you can easily extending your parking time limit anytime and anywhere, whether in a restaurant, sitting in an office or in the waiting room at the doctor’s. Using it is very simple, intuitive, fast and totally secure.

How it works:

  • After clicking on the “Pay parking” icon and confirming your current location, you can pay to park in a proposed zone according to your current location or choose the zone yourself on the map and go straight to “Payment”, or you can manually enter the parking zone in the section “Payment on the street”.
  • After that, simply choose how much meter time you want to pay for and which license number should appear on the parking ticket (up to 3 registrations can be pre-stored).The last step is to make the actual payment from a pre-registered MasterCard, VISA, or CCS using the security code for processing these payments chosen when the card was registered.
  • Before using it for the first time, we highly recommend setting up the most frequently used license numbers and also register your payment cards. The application will then be ready to use this stored data and allow you to take full advantage of its potential.

The operator here is MPLA s. r. o., the provider of MPLA, the most widely used mobile payment system in the Czech Republic and certified by Czech National Bank. More information here:



           The function allows you to order a vehicle return using a simple form.



To properly display the map, you must first permit your MY ARVAL MOBILE to access information about your current location. This way the map will show the current location of the user and nearest service network.

The application also makes documents for the vehicle available by taking snaps of the user’s drivers license, vehicle registration, etc., in the mobile phone and uploading them.



A very useful tool for drivers may be the frequently asked questions, which provide the most frequently asked questions and answers to them on a variety of topics (e.g. the delivery and return of the vehicle, maintenance, damage and insurance, traveling abroad, purchasing your vehicle etc.).


The entire MY ARVAL MOBILE application has been developed by Arval with the sole intention of providing even better service and increasing the satisfaction of not only our clients, but especially their drivers. The comprehensiveness and ease of using the application is just one of the many benefits that allow Arval to extend its lead over the competition and acknowledge its role as a leader in innovation.

We are working hard to improve and enhance this application with practical features for everyday use and the “Useful” box will continue to expand.