Even within the operating leasing, we can provide you with flexibility, comfort and protection against unpredictable events.

The aim of this service consists in providing you with comprehensive services in the field of the insurance of your vehicle fleet as well as in the assistance in difficulties every driver can face, either as the culprit or the injured.

And if there is an accident or damage to your vehicle, we are committed to help you and get your car back on the road at the shortest time and for efficiently spent cost of its repair. In co-operation with you, we will stake the claim for damages with your insurance company to ensure the payment of insurance premium.

This service will save your time in the event of an accident or temporary decommissioning of your vehicle and it will help you reduce the negative impact on your business.


Arval offers insurance services in the following coverage range:

  1. compulsory insurance of vehicles
  2. collision insurance (possibility of excess selection)
  3. additional supplementary insurance (i.e. car glass and windshield insurance)
  4. accident insurance of persons transported by motor vehicles
  5. legal expenses insurance
pojištění vozidla

Reporting an insured event