Returning a vehicle

The six steps of RETURNING A vehicle quickly and easily

Is the end of the contract approaching? Open the brochure VEHICLE RETURN GUIDE  and make its return easier for yourself. Minimize costs in six steps:


1. Preventive inspection

Unsure whether the vehicle needs repairs?

Make an appointment for a "Preventive inspection" – more on page 8.


2. Vehicle repair

Is the vehicle damaged?

Get unacceptable damage repaired – more on pages 14 to 42


3. Order to return vehicle

14 days before the end of the contract, make an appointment for a vehicle return – see page 10


4. Preparation for the vehicle return

Prepare the documents, keys and other accessories needed to return the vehicle – see page 7


5. Handover of the vehicle

Just before returning the vehicle, have it cleaned and washed

At the appointed time and place, hand over the vehicle – see page 11


6. Protocol of vehicle takeover

Check the protocol of vehicle takeover, and as the case may be, quickly deliver the things missing for the vehicle – see page 12