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Report an insured event

Insured events


You can report an insured event using the ONLINE FORM.


For quick reporting of vehicle damage or an accident, have the following basic information ready:

1) The registration number of your car;

2) The name, tel. number, e-mail of the driver;

3) The date and place of the accident / occurrence of the damage;

4) A description of an accident;

5) The extent of damage to the vehicle;

6) Which department of the Police of the Czech Republic investigated the accident;

7) Information about other persons involved or damage to another's property or personal injury.


In case you have become a participant in an accident, in which you were not at fault, it is necessary to have information about the driver, the vehicle and the insurance company of the one at fault in the accident.

After you report the insured event, our professionally trained staff will provide you:

- Information on how to proceed further in the accident, theft or act of vandalism;

- Recommendations of service stations for repair of your vehicle;

- Consulting services (assistance in solving difficulties with the insured event)


Our experienced staff is trained to be able to immediately give expert advice to the caller on a variety of issues associated with the operation of the vehicle

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