Arval Midterm Rental

Mid Term Rental

Ensure the mobility of your drivers

Mid Term Rental lets you rent vehicles for a period of 1 to 24 months depending on your needs. The rental also includes additional products (maintenance, tyres, insurance and assistance services) to ensure smooth operation.

Mid Term rental is a simple and flexible solution for the better handling of all your mobility needs and can be structured to deal with the problems of company HR or operative changes in company activity.


Arval offers various types of vehicles in Mid Term rental:

     - Private vehicles: urban vehicles, compact vehicles, family vehicles, multipurpose vehicle (MPV crossover).

     - Commercial vehicles: delivery vehicles, light delivery vehicles (for example Kangoo, Berlingo, Partner), small lorries with a cargo volume of up to 15 m3.


Rapid and easy accessibility:

     - You yourself choose where you will get the vehicle, anywhere in France: either in one of the 1200 partnership centres or directly on site (optional)

     - Delivery is ensured in a period of 5 - 10 days.


An advantageous solution for every locality


Short term rental Will help you get a vehicle quickly, this solution has its downsides if there is a disadvantageous length of rental: the price per day or week is high when the leasing is calculated in months.

Long term rental is great for a period longer than 24 months, but one part of the transaction is also long-term prepayment and ability to give a guarantee.

For the mid term from 1 to 24 months and for specific needs (for example, deliveries, trial period, piecework, temporary increase in team members etc.) Arval Mid Term Rental is the best solution from the economic and organisational aspect





Mid Term Rental is a flexible and elegant solution that is naturally used in the current situation because it suits many circumstances:

     - fixed-period need for a vehicle at a specific time (period of contract, temporary need, consultation etc.)

     - limited use over time as part of business case, aid when starting operations etc.

     - temporary period before acquisition of vehicle for long-term use


Possibility of selection of length of rental: 1 to 24 months

Depending on the required length of rental, month after month Arval offers the most economical rental for this period. And if the period or need increases, you can change the contract at any time.

     - Seasonal work in the summer? Choose operative leasing for two months.

     - Employee in trial period? Ask for a vehicle for 4 months. You can extend the contract with no problem at all.

     - Rental for an entire year? Mid Term Rental for 12 months is the market with the greatest competition in vehicle rental.


Wide range of vehicles

Vehicles for rental are suitable for professional purposes and offer extras such as Bluetooth, GPS etc. and also safety features (ABS, double airbags etc.).

Suggested types of vehicles: urban, compact, family, multipurpose (minivan), SUV (crossover), delivery vehicles or small cargo vehicles (vans) with cargo volume of up to 15m3.


Services ensured

A Mid Term Rental contract with Arval covers a broad range of services: maintenance, tyres, non-stop assistance service, identifying faults and replacement of vehicle, including insurance.



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