Arval Outsourcing Solutions

Arval Outsourcing Solutions

Arval listens to and quickly responds to the need of its clients. This was also the reason for establishing the Arval Outsourcing Solutions service, which is a kind of addition to the typical operating leasing.

This service is highly sought after by clients who prefer comprehensive outsourcing of services related not only to fleet management, but also related support provided directly for drivers and who do not want to or cannot devote their time and resources outside the area of their business.

As part of this service, Arval can effectively set every process associated with fleet operations for its clients. This include, in particular, setting car policy and establishing clear rules, whose compliance is supervised by Arval. Thus, Arval guarantees to its clients that they will have all the costs of fleet operations fully under control.

Furthermore, the service Arval Outsourcing Solutions provides everyday support, assistance and information for drivers. This allows clients to focus fully only on their business. 

The service Arval Outsourcing Solutions is designed not only for small and medium-sized enterprises without a Fleet Manager, but it turns out to be a noticeable benefit for large businesses, where the capacity of vehicles in the fleet proportionally increases the complexity of fleet management, and thus the time required by the management of the fleet.


Benefits for you:

  1. Saving time and funds
  2. Efficiency and complexity of the services provided
  3. Costs of fleet management fully under control
  4. Paperwork provided by Arval
  5. Full support for drivers guaranteed
  6. You can fully focus on your business