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Here you will find the answers to the most frequently asked questions

1) Handover of automobile

Where will the car be handed over to me?

For your comfort, the car is handed over at our partner supplying the vehicle. It is possible to arrange that the handover take place at another, specified by you location, however.


What awaits me during the handover?

Here are the two levels of the handover: 1. The handover of the vehicle itself by our partner, who will at the same time acquaint you with its operation 2. Handover of the vehicle documents = driver set from Arval...


What are the contents of the driver set?

The contents of the driver set include all the vehicle documents and information relating to the utilization of Arval services. In addition to the small technical certificate (ORV), proof of insurance, green card and card for fuel, you receive two informative brochures...


2) Ordering an automobile

Do you need to know any of our costs in order to calculate the offer?

The operational leasing offer includes all the costs.


On average, how long will it take for Arval to deliver the ordered car to me?

The average time is 56 days. Arval has minimal influence, however, on the delivery deadline, which is dependent on the manufacturer.  For new and very popular models, the delivery deadline may be longer.


With Arval, am I free to choose where I order my vehicle?

Yes, you can freely choose any authorized dealer who is also a partner of Arval. “Restrictions” may occur at the moment...


3) General

Who finances Arval?

We are a 100% subsidiary of the BNP Paribas bank group, thanks to which we have sufficient financial resources to ensure our activities.


Can I lease only one vehicle?

Operational leasing is a product for fleet customers. For financing individual vehicles, we can recommend our sister company Hello Bank!.


If there are several dealers in my area, can the vehicle be handed over at the one selected by me?

You can always freely choose partners for the purchase of the car and for maintenance arrangements. The condition is that it is an authorized dealer of the given make of car, who is also our partner.


Can I negotiate the length of the lease contract, for example only for 24 months?

Yes, the length of the contract can be as short as 12 months. The Arval sales representative will discuss your requirements with you and we will be glad to offer you the most suitable solution for you.


Is it also possible to lease a van or pick-up from you?

Yes, Arval offers a full range of light commercial vehicles of all makes available on the Czech market.


Under what terms do you offer vehicles for sale to third parties after the end of the contract?

After the end of the lease, the employee of the client has the option to buy the leased car. The condition is, understandably, the acceptance of the terms of sale.


Does Arval also offer short-term rental? For example, for employees in the probationary period or for short-term hires?

Arval offers complete service in the area of short-term and medium-term rental. We work with many partners, with which we have negotiated special price conditions for our clients.


4) Service and Maintenance

If my car stays in the service station for inspection, can I get a replacement car?

Arval offers various ways to ensure replacement cars. In the case that you have the service of a replacement car listed on the Arval identification card,…


Can the vehicle be driven even by some other member of the family?

Arval does not restrict the user of the vehicle to the client. Nevertheless, we recommend you address your question to your fleet manager, whether it is in accordance with your internal regulations.


After how many driven kilometers do I have to go for a regular checkup of the vehicle?

On the Arval identification card in the driver set, there is a Service number for drivers at which you will obtain the needed information.


Can I choose the service station or tire service station myself?

Yes, regular inspections and repairs can be provided to you by any authorized service station or tire service station that belongs to the Arval network of partners.


How does the technical inspection of the vehicle proceed?

Arval monitors the age of vehicles and gives timely notice of an upcoming inspection. How it will be carried out will be agreed on directly with you as the user. For more details click HERE.


I lost the vehicle documents. What steps do I have to take now?

The first step is to report the loss to the police, and pass the police protocol to Arval, which will then immediately procure new documents and send them to you.


5) Tires

How is it with seasonal tire changes?

You have several hundred partner tire service stations at your disposal, where you can make an appointment yourself according to your needs. Arval will approve the tires which are listed…


Which tire brands and offered by Arval?

Arval offers a whole range of tire brands.


When do I need to change winter tires to summer tires and vice versa?

Winter tires effective as soon as the outdoor temperature falls below 7 degrees Celsius. In view of possible quick changes in weather, we recommend to tire changing early. Arval will always give notice in advance that it is possible to start changing.


I demand a tire brand different from what you offer. Is it possible?

Yes, if the tire brand is approved by the car make manufacturer and is appropriate for the given model.


I would like bigger tires (bigger than 16 inch ones). Is possible?

The tire size must be approved by the manufacturer of the given car. The option of utilizing bigger tires is thus limited by the conditions listed in the catalogs of manufacturers and is also subject to approval by your Fleet Manager.


6) Modification of Contract Parameters

What items of financial costs and services do your contracts include?

For each vehicle, Arval concludes a lease contract, which includes precisely specified services (financing, maintenance, tire service, replacement vehicle, etc.). They can thus differ...


If I conclude a three-year contract for 30,000 km annually, but actually drive 40,000 km, how much will I have to pay extra?

Although the contract has been concluded already, and only subsequently it becomes clear that the actual mileage of the vehicle is greater than originally expected, Arval is prepared to modify the contract. Arval itself monitors the kilometers driven, and alerts the client of deviations on an ongoing basis.


Can I stick advertising on the vehicle?

Yes, but this is allowed only provided that the vehicle will be returned in its original state upon termination of the contract.


What are the general conditions for the termination of the contract?

At the end of the lease, the vehicle is either bought by the employee of the client or returned to Arval.


7) Resolution of insured events

If we have vehicles insured at book value, does it mean that in the case of total damage to the vehicle I will not suffer any financial loss?

Yes, this insurance fully covers the damage caused beyond the agreed deductible.


I am a participant in a traffic accident abroad and the police require me to sign a protocol in a foreign language that I don’t understand. What should I do?

You can sign the protocol and attach a sentence in the English language (your language) to your signature, stating that you do not understand the given protocol and cannot express yourself unless it is translated into the English language (your language). This will assure the possibility of further negotiation and you do not admit to something that may not be true.


8) Fuels

Is it possible to lease a car without utilizing the service related to fuel cards?

Yes, use of this service at Arval is at your discretion.


Can we have several fuel cards?

Yes, we can offer you the cards of our partners according to your requirements.


My fuel card has been destroyed, stolen or lost!

Call the number of Services for Drivers that is listed on your Arval identification card. Arval will provide you with a new card immediately. In the case of loss, we recommend that you block the card as soon as possible.


9) Expiration of the Contract

Is it possible to agree in advance in the contract on the selling price of the vehicle?

At the end of the contract, you are the first to whom we offer to sell the car. However, the price cannot be set immediately when concluding the contract, because it depends on the number of actually driven kilometers to the date of sale.


Is your contract ending and will you be returning the vehicle to us?

What should you be careful about and what should you not forget to return along with the vehicle?

Complete information needed for returning the vehicle is given in the brochure “Guide to the takeover of vehicle after termination of the leasing contract”, which the fleet manager of every company has at their disposal. You can also find the most important parts of this information on this website in the section “Users”, in the folder “Purchase/return of vehicle”.


Is it possible to buy a vehicle for which the contract has ended?

Yes. After the contract has ended, any employee of our client can buy any vehicle they find on the website The offer to purchase is not limited only to the driver or for a specific vehicle. Instruction for how to buy a vehicle easily can be found in the section “Users”, in the folder “Purchase/return of vehicle”.


Let’s imagine that I already want a new car during  the term of the contract. Is it possible? If so, how?

A contract may indeed be terminated prematurely. You will, however, have to pay the fees associated with such a termination.

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