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The satisfaction of our clients doesn't just help ARVAL

Every year our company conducts a satisfaction survey of its clients. The results help us in the constant improvement of our products and services. And not only that. Last year we decided to donate several hundred crowns to a good cause for every completed questionnaire. We supported the cultural and educational centre Elpida, which focuses on projects in support of senior citizens' active life, and we donated CZK 75,200 to it. At the end of March we launched another survey, and this time in the context of it we supported the endowment fund La Vida Loca.

Support for Kipepeo Foundation

This year Arval has started cooperation with the Kipepeo endowment fund (Kipepeo means butterfly in Swahili). The fund supports projects in Africa helping Africans improve the level of educational, social, and sporting facilities for orphans and destitute children. We believe that every crown helps, and so Arval has contributed an amount of thirty thousand crowns.

ARVAL předává dar pro Nadační Fond La VIDA LOCA.

We have donated a practical gift to the La vida loca endowment fund

In order to support the "Life in a Suitcase" project, we have loaned a vehicle with a massive luggage space - a nearly new Opel Insignia Combi - to the endowment fund La vida loca. Thanks to this vehicle, the founders of the fund no longer have to take the train to visit abandoned babies. More about the project on

ARVAL CZ se stal partnerem nadějného kajakáře Jakuba Špicara - foto z předávání vozu.

ARVAL CZ has become the partner of the promising kayaker Jakub Špicar

Sport is very important to us in Arval, which is just one of the reasons we decided to support Jakub in his sporting career, which has seen many interesting successes over the past year. These include a first place in the Czech Championships for the 1000 metres and second place in the European Championship up to the age of 23 for K1 at 1000 metres. We hope that the loaned Opel Insignia will be a pleasant companion for two-metre tall Jakub, and that it will carry him down the road to further successes.

Arval předává vůz pro Oblastní charitu Pardubice

Another vehicle for the needy

Our work with the Pardubice Area Charity goes back to the middle of 2013. Over this period we have donated four vehicles for good causes, and now a fifth has been added. Amongst other things,  the Pardubice Area Charity ensures home hospice care and a care service for the needy. Out of the wide range of verified vehicles returned after operative leasing we found a suitable vehicle to expand our charity fleet.

Elektromobil Nissan LEAF nově ve flotile operativního leasingu ARVAL

Fully electric car Nissan LEAF in Arval fleet

Our customers can now try out the Nissan LEAF electric car.

Don't hesitate - call and arrange a test drive on 261 109 011.

Michal Rohlíček s cenou ze soutěže Arval Acquisition Calling Competition

We have won in the acquisition competition

In the second week of November there was a competition of acquisition teams from 21 Arval countries called "Arval Acquisition Calling Competition". The task was to call as many meetings as possible with potential clients for operative leasing within one week. Overall we managed to agree almost 300 meetings with all teams, and the representative of the Czech Republic, our colleague Michal Rohlíček, won against stiff competition. Well done. Michal, you're the best!

Ilustrační grafika  - více než 1 000 000 vozů ve flotile ARVAL

More than 1,000,000 vehicles in the fleet

As of the end of 2015 the entire fleet of the company Arval consisted of 949,000 leased vehicles, including vehicles of GE Fleet Services, which had been acquired by Arval in November 2015.

 Arval currently leases one million vehicles to large international firms and small and medium enterprises.     

Every day more than 6000 employees do their best to provide expert consultation and the very best services while looking after clients, drivers and vehicles.


 Philippe Bismut, the CEO of Arval, said: "I am really proud of this success, which has been made possible by our employees in all countries, and I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate them and thank them from the bottom of my heart. But the fact that our aim is to provide our clients with a first-class service and always combine a human approach with our digital tools is even more important than this milestone."

Aleš Polák s cenou ALD Automotive Fleet Awards za vítězný produktu - střednědobý pronájem vozu

Arval has gained the winner's award for the product Mid Term Rental

The ninth annual ALD Automotive Fleet Awards survey was held in October 2016 in Prague in the presence of representatives from the leading companies operating on the Czech market and suppliers in the automotive field. The ten-member jury comprising of independent fleet experts rated the products and services over half a year in a total of six categories: Financing, Full Service Operative Leasing, Insurance, Electronic Systems, Vehicle Fleet Servicing and Ecological Approach. ARVAL Mid Term Rental was declared the winning product in the area of Full Service Leasing during the gala evening at the Top Hotel in Prague, and Aleš Polák, Operations Director ARVAL CZ, accepted the diploma and award from the competition director.

Logo společnosti ARVAL CZ

Arval CZ has achieved the best ever quarterly results

During the first quarter of this year, Arval CZ increased the number of its vehicles in full service leasing by 1532. It currently manages a little fewer than 17,000 vehicles, of which 15,000 in the form of full service. According to the data of the Czech Leasing and Finance Association, this is the highest production in full service operative leasing of any firm on the market.

ARVAL CZ has crossed the boundary of 15,000 vehicles

During last year (a highly successful one) ARVAL CZ achieved record growth of 23.7% in the financed fleet. This is the best result in the 12-year history of the Czech branch. In contrast with the other players on the market, ARVAL CZ has been growing constantly since its foundation. This success is down to the efforts of the entire team, and primarily the great number of acquisition meetings. Last but not least it is also due to the high quality of the provided services. ARVAL CZ has a significant satisfaction rating amongst its clients, exceeding 82%. ARVAL CZ ended the year 2015 with a fleet of more than 15,600 vehicles

Collection Box for Drop of Hope

Since 2014 the charity Drop of Hope collection box has been travelling around all the Arval Golf Cup tournaments with us.

Last year the collected funds were used to buy an incubator for the neonatal department at the Hospital Na Bulovce. The collection box travelled around with us this year too, and so with the help of the participants at our golf tournament we collected a good few tens of thousands serving a worthy purpose

Vozový park - operativní leasing ARVAL

ACQUISITION OF GE Capital Services

BNP Paribas announced that Arval today completed the acquisition, first announced in June, of GE Capital’s fleet management activities in Europe. Arval now becomes the leader on the full service leasing market in Europe.

Thanks to this acquisition, Arval becomes number one in Europe in full service leasing. The scope of this transaction includes more than 160,000 vehicles in 12 European countries, three quarters of which are located in France, Germany and Great Britain, with the total asset value of the vehicles reaching about EUR 2.4 billion.

The transaction has now been finalized after receiving the consent of the European Commission and all other competent regulatory authorities. This deal is part of a global transaction, within which Element Financial, a strategic partner of Arval in North America, finalized the acquisition of GE Capital Fleet Services in the United States (the transaction was concluded at the end of August) and in Mexico, Australia and New Zealand (this transaction was concluded at the end of September). As a result, the Element-Arval Global Alliance now becomes the global market leader, with a fleet of more than 3 million vehicles in 47 countries.

Flotila aut - operativní leasing

Arval surpasses LEVEL of 13,000 FINANCED VEHICLES IN FLEET

Arval is the only leasing company growing every year, and has done so since its founding in 2003. Currently, Arval surpassed the level of 13,000 vehicles in the fleet, solidifying its position in the operational leasing market.

The Arval Company, a leading provider of operational leasing in the Czech Republic, has a lengthy track record of posting excellent business results. This year it celebrates 12 years of its presence in the Czech market and presently also surpassing the level of 13,000 vehicles leased in the form operational leasing. Already in 2007 the Company overcame the level of 5,000 vehicles, and four years later it doubled this number. In comparison with the competition, it is the only leasing company in our market that can boast of sustained growth. Standing behind Arval’s excellent results is the strategy of providing a high level of service quality, perfectly functioning account teams and last but not least, the implementation of new IT technologies and smart applications for fleet management.

Náhled aplikací Arval Smart Experience

WE are entering a new dimension

Arval introduced new digital tools, whose development is part of the strategic program “ONE ARVAL”. The Company announced the launch of a unique offer in the area of telematics, the “Arval Active Link”, as well as the launch of a new international service, the Arval Webstore. Improvements were also made in the already existing services Arval Websites, Arval Analytics, Arval Fleet View and Arval Mobile+.

Ahead of the Digital Wave

The digital world is evolving rapidly. The Arval Company therefore decided, two years after the launch of the Arval Smart Experience initiative, to focus efforts on the digital world so that its customers could utilize the most modern technologies and their functionality. A number of tools have been improved and perfected with the aim of staying ahead of the digital wave and satisfying new and even the future needs of customers. Implementation of these digital transformations was made possible by extensive investments in infrastructure improvements across Arval. These investments are backed by specialized, fully engaged digital teams and by the creation of a startup for a range of offerings in the area of telematics.

Operativní leasing - prodej vozidel - ilustrační obrázek podání rukou

Arval celebrates overcoming the 12,000 vehicles barrier

ARVAL CZ has posted growth in its fleet every year since its founding in 2003. In comparison with the competition, it is the only leasing company in the Czech Republic that succeeded in achieving such a record.

In 2007, the company recorded its surpassing of 5,000 vehicles, and just four years later Arval reached the 10,000 vehicles level. As of today, the second strongest leader in operational leasing in the Czech Republic can add 12,000 financed vehicles to its list of successes.
Standing behind the achievement of continuous growth by ARVAL CZ are four important steps:  the setting of right business strategy, high quality services, the establishment of perfectly functioning Account teams and last but not least, the successful implementation of new IT technologies and smart applications for fleet management.

Of course, the most important key to the success are the customers of Arval and their loyalty, which exceeds 80%, and Arval is constantly working on fostering this loyalty and on deepening its relationship with its clients.


Arval recorded strong business growth and exceeded its targets for 2014

In 2012, Arval launched a number of strategic programs that produced a number of interesting results in subsequent years. A great benefit for clients, for example, proved to be the more flexible choice of the lease period from the medium term to long term. There was also a greater complexity of outsourcing solutions and a number of innovative projects such as Arval Smart Experience started to run. The fleet concerns of customers and their drivers became even more the focus of Aral’s attention. Growth in the number of leased vehicles by 6% to 725 000 vehicles in 2014 shows, in comparison with 2013, that these initiatives are successful. This is also shown in the increase in the number of vehicles purchased by 30% to 223,000 vehicles in 2014 compared to 2013. The number of vehicles sold also rose, increasing by 3.4% to 184,000 vehicles.

“Our branch also recorded growth in the managed fleet in the past year, growing by 4%. We now take care of more than 13,200 vehicles. I am pleased to say that we are the only leasing company in the market that recorded an increase in the number of vehicles in the fleet in every year of its eleven years of operation,” said Jiří Solucev, Commercial Director of ARVAL CZ.

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