Arval behaves responsibly and with respect

To Us, Compliance Means:

1) Respecting all legal and financial regulations, regulatory provisions, professional and ethical standards, the instructions of statutory authorities or instructions issued in Company procedures


2) Protecting the interests of clients and the reputation of the company


Professional ethics

In all aspects of our business, we strive to respect the principles of ethical behavior and responsibility, based on the vision and the strong values ​​of our group and their being shared by all branches of Arval and their employees. These values ​​and vision guide us and shape our corporate culture and reputation as well as fortify the brand Arval with our customers, suppliers and other partners.

As a constantly growing international company, Arval needs to continue building relationships of the highest quality with all its partners. Lasting relationships of mutual trust based on honesty, integrity, and respect for others and on fair, informed decision-making at all levels and in all circumstances.

Our reputation rests primarily on the quality and integrity of our employees. Our corporate values ​​(Responsiveness, Creativity, Responsibility and Ambition) are reflected in our work and we have to behave in an exemplary manner. The Arval Code of Ethics sets out the basic rules of conduct in force within our company.

Our Code of Conduct is intended to provide each of our employees the opportunity to gain a better understanding of our responsibility  for making the right decisions in the workplace. It also helps to guide our actions, to motivate our decision-making and bring our values ​​into our lives.

Whistle blowing

We are proud of the responsible approach to business we have, and of the honesty and integrity of our employees. We set ourselves high standards to ensure that we are a company you can trust. Our employees or external third parties may at any time report potential violations of our internal rules, legal regulations or our Code of Conduct. This can be done either by using the following online form, or by sending an e-mail or letter to the following addresses:




Permanent Control & Compliance Director
22 Rue des 2 Gares
92564 Rueil-Malmaison


We guarantee the confidentiality of information in accordance with the law and our internal guidelines on whistleblowing. You can send your notification to us anonymously, but in that case we will not be able to additionally ask you about other circumstances or facts needed to solve the case. All notifications will be examined thoughtfully and with deliberation. Any proven breach will be dealt with in accordance with internal disciplinary policy and/or legal/regulatory codes.


Code of Ethics

Whistleblowing: online reports


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