Charitable activities

We support high quality and proven projects

Among the activities in which ARVAL has long been involved is the support of charitable, health and ecological organizations. We cooperate, for example, with People in Need (Člověk v tísni), the Czech Red Cross and others

The satisfaction of our clients doesn't just help Arval

Every year our company conducts a satisfaction survey of its clients. The results help us in the constant improvement of our products and services. And not only that. Last year we decided to donate several hundred crowns to a good cause for every completed questionnaire. We supported the cultural and educational centre Elpida, which focuses on projects in support of senior citizens' active life, and we donated CZK 75,200 to it. At the end of March we launched another survey, and this time in the context of it we supported the endowment fund La Vida Loca.


Support for Kipepeo Foundation

This year Arval has started cooperation with the Kipepeo endowment fund (Kipepeo means butterfly in Swahili). The fund supports projects in Africa helping Africans improve the level of educational, social, and sporting facilities for orphans and destitute children. We believe that every crown helps, and so Arval has contributed an amount of thirty thousand crowns.


We have donated a practical gift to the La vida loca endowment fund

In order to support the "Life in a Suitcase" project, we have loaned a vehicle with a massive luggage space - a nearly new Opel Insignia Combi - to the endowment fund La vida loca. Thanks to this vehicle, the founders of the fund no longer have to take the train to visit abandoned babies. More about the project on


Drop of Hope Collection Box

Over the several years of our cooperation with the endowment fund Drop of Hope we have participated in various interesting projects. One of them is the charity collection box which has accompanied our Arval Golf Cup tour for three years now. The money collected from our generous players serves to support the treatment of children with acute leukaemia every year. This year the sum collected at our tours reach CZK 30,000. This money will be used to buy infusion pumps to be located at the intermediate care department of the Children's Clinic of Masaryk Hospital in Ústí nad Labem. In healthcare an infusion pump has a wide range of uses and serves for the administration of large volumes of medicines, blood or nutrition.


Another vehicle for the needy

Our work with the Pardubice Area Charity goes back to the middle of 2013. Over this time we have donated four vehicles for worthy causes, and this year we gave a fifth one. In addition to home hospice care, the Pardubice Area Charity also ensures a care service for the needy. Out of the wide range of verified vehicles returned after operative leasing we found a suitable vehicle to expand our charity fleet from this autumn.


Moneybox for the Good Angel and collection of clothes for Acorus

This year, Arval employees became involved in two charitable projects. The first was a financial collection for the Good Angel. However, we decided to also contribute differently. We supported the organization Acorus, which cares for mothers and children affected by domestic violence. For their shelter in Prague, we organized a collection of children's clothing among the employees. We believe that not only companies but also individual people can help change sad human stories into those with a happy ending.


Donation of vehicles to the Regional Charity Pardubice and Safety Line

In 2013, we were approached by the Regional Charity Pardubice with a requirement of renewal of their unfortunately no longer satisfactory fleet. From our offered selection on, we selected specific Opel Corsa One cars that exactly met the needs of the charity organization. In 2014 a 2015, we then donated additional Opel cars to the Regional Charity Pardubice, which serve, for example, for providing home health and hospice care.

At the beginning of 2014 we repeated a similar action in cooperation with the Safety Line. It provides assistance to children and young people, not only in difficult life situations, but with their everyday life worries and problems. The Opel Corsa One car that Arval decided to donate to the association will be a good helper to people who have decided to help those who are most vulnerable – children.


A Child’s Dream Fulfilled

It has become almost a matter of course at Arval that employees get involved in various charitable activities. One of these was also the May Run up Sněžka Mountain. Anyone who likes sporting and wants to help a good cause could take part. The task was to run, walk, or ride on a bike approximately twenty kilometers with a rise of about 1,000 meters. The purpose of the Run up Sněžka was obtaining the means for fulfilling the dreams of children from organizations which are involved in the project.


Ecological project REDD

Arval manages an extensive fleet and so monitoring CO2 emissions is among the important priorities.  We try to compensate the impact of the carbon footprint on the environment. We support ecological activities such as, for example, the REDD PROJECT in Kenya. Its aim is enlightenment in the field of reducing greenhouse gas emissions and addressing their impact on the Earth. Through the EcoAct company, for every ton of CO2 produced we invest funds for the renewal of the “lungs of our planet”, the Kenyan virgin forests.