Arval Active Link


If the client is interested, ACTIVE LINK basic can be freely extended with one or more add-ons as part of the Arval Active Link service. It just depends on which of the following three add-on services the client decides to use:



This add-on service works as an electronic log book. It distinguishes between private and business travel. They can be pre-identified using a list of registered addresses. The driver can easily choose whether it is a business or private trip. The driver can create a clear report of his trips based automatically on pre-defined favorite locations. The driver no longer has to do anything. The system automatically recognizes whether he drove to work, visited a client, or was on a private trip. It also shows tips for fuel-efficient driving with regard to a formal assessment of eco-driving and compliance with safety standards. At the same time, however, the driver does not have to worry about a loss of privacy, for the details about private trips are visible only to him.



With this additional service, you can easily locate all the cars in your fleet in real time. All vehicles are currently displayed in the mode of business trips, including individual states: “moving”, “stopped” and “parked”. In real time you can choose the closest car for another contract, thus streamlining the allocation of contracts.



This add-on is the ideal solution for cases when one vehicle is shared by multiple users. The card reader identifies a particular user and allows you to search for information such as the number of kilometers, consumption, and so on, and assign this information to that particular user. Thus, the client knows perfectly well which user had a car at a particular time, how many kilometers he drove, what his fuel consumption was, and even where the vehicle was going.


The Arval Active Link is intended for all Arval clients. The service is provided completely free of charge for the first three months. Everybody can therefore test what it has to offer. Trying the service does not, however, impose any obligations on the client. Clients need not continue to use it if they do not wish to. The Arval Active Link will deactivate.

Clients will appreciate not only the service as such, but also the fact that it will be fully integrated with other fleet services. No more paperwork – a single contract and one invoice. The price for this service is already included in the lease.


The Arval Active Link service is also available on smartphones. So you can always have the latest information available.



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